01 November 2009

You're a Fugly Hot Mess, or Easy on the Leggings!

Leggings are great. Wear them, I don't care. Just don't count on them as a staple of your wardrobe. They have been so overdone! Would you rather be known as the girl that wears leggings every now and again because she is fashionable and likes to switch it up? Or would you rather be known as that lazy girl that wears leggings every day because she is too lazy to spice it up?

And please note that the legging is NOT a substitute for pants. The legging is a completely different garment whose main function is to provide warmth and coverup when too much leg is showing. The pant is designed to be a completely independent garment on its own. Leggings are meant to complement a longer top which completely covers the genitals and glutes but does not sufficiently cover the leg.

And please, no shiny leggings. They are so cheap-looking, and unless you have great and slender legs, they do nothing but draw attention to how wide you thighs are. Approach colored leggings with caution.

Just please remember, the legging is an option, a weapon in your fashion arsenal, it should never be the main artillery.


  1. i love that the girl in the photo is wearing OTK boots in the worst way
    ugh awful awful awful

  2. 1) fat girls wear leggings because they don't wanna wear pants.
    2) i wear shiny leggings because i have great legs, which you can back me up on.
    3) i love this fucking blog and i'm upset i didn't know about it until today.

    your best friend (no matter what the blonde cow said in h.s.)