17 November 2009

gaga, oh la la!

The upcoming December issue of Vogue is gearing up to be a winner. I wish I could express my undying love for both Grace Coddington and Annie Liebovitz, especially for picking a Hansel & Gretel theme! But wait, there's more... Lady Gaga was cast as the witch!

The pictures look incredible, and both of the models have a really editorial/young look to them which makes them perfect for this kind of shoot. Here are some of my favorite images:

I love how as the story progresses, Gretel's style, starting out as purely fun and girly, gets a little more sophisticated and less nieve. By the end, she is wearing a slightly more complex garment which is form fitting and shows off her body. By the end, Gretel has the confidence and power to fight back against the witch and her clothes reflect this.

Hmmm I understand that Vogue is ultimately a women's fashion magazine, but I really would have liked to see some more variety on Hansel!

Gaga is absolutely rocking in her two Marc Jacobs ensembles. Totally Gaga and totally Vogue, great shoot.

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