03 November 2009

Interesting GaGa Outfit allusions....

Just came across this on OhNoTheyDidn't.com

Someone made the connection between the outfits Gaga wore to the VMAs and Alice in Wonderland. Everything makes sense now!!

What do you guys think??

When she arrived, she was the mad hatter because that's how a lot of people view her... kind of wild and out of control.

When she was performing, she was the rabbit because she wanted us to come down and see how deep the rabbit hole really goes. She wanted her performance to take us on a kind of eyeopening journey, and that it did-- she finished in a totally unexpected way, dangling from the ceiling dripping in blood.

When she accepted her award, she was the queen of hearts because she is the queen of all of our hearts! We love Gaga!

When she was doing paparazzi photos after the ceremony, she was the White Queen, regal and accomplished.


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