17 November 2009

Meet Tavi, L'Enfant Terrible of the Fashion Blog World

SO usually I don't like to talk about other blogger's work on my own blog, I think it kind of subverts what I am trying to do here, but I am also committed to writing about things that interest and inspire me. That being said...
Meet Tavi. She is in the eighth grade and is the most badass bitch you've ever seen.
Her blog is her own sort of little scrapbook where she comments on fashion shows and trends and pretty little things that catch her eye. She also puts up pictures like the ones I've *borrowed* and put up here where she shows off her own unique, inventive style. Tavi writes with all the sass you would expect from a pre-tween.
I haven't even met adults who are as confident about their style as she is; Tavi is not afraid to mix and match patterns, textures and proportions, and almost always gets it right!
OH and did I mention that she is basically a fashion celebrity?! She just wrote a post on her experience at the PRADA BOOK LAUNCH SHE WAS INVITED TO LIKE IT AIN'T NO THANG.
She's gotta be doing something right, because even the hothouse of Proenza Schouler is sending her free merch! Check out this lime green top they sent her:

Tavi is clearly giving me a run for my money!! I totally respect her, though... she writes about fashion however the flip she wants to and totally rocks her girlish, yet surprisingly sophisticated, sense of style.

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