07 November 2009

Prada: The Book

“I hate fashion ... I also love it, of course. Everyone, no matter who they are or what they have, has to get dressed in the morning. Fashion is about the way we think of ourselves, the way we compose ourselves, every day. For me this is very profound.”-- Miuccia Prada

The monolothic house of Prada just released a massive, more than 700 page book detailing its history since the brands conception back in 1918. The book will address a lot of Prada's production secrets and will focus on the major breakthroughs the brand has become known for, particularly its work with cutting edge artists and excellence in the field of accessories. It also purports to divulge some secrets about the future of the Fondazione Prada, known for sponsoring and nourishing breakthrough artists. The book is available at Prada stores.

The ultimate stocking stuffer, I'm definately going to pick one up!

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