28 December 2009

it's the most fashionable time of the year, part deux

As promised, an update on the updates to the Kingston wardrobe.

My love/hate relationship with GAP was pretty fruitful this past winter break. Picked up these two basic, supersoft VNecks for I think five bucks each. There are few things more versatile than a good-quality vneck teeshirt. I was really feeling these two colors. Shmee. Not much to say.

These are some Marc Jacobs socks that I am actually really proud of because I have been loking for some time now for some comfy socks halfway between dress-socks and the ratty old Pumas I wear to the gym. Happy medium, everybody wins. Actually, only I win so I guess that doesn't apply?

HALLELUJAH! We meet at last, Mr. Phillip Lim, I've heard so many lovely things about you! I am so glad I was able to get this shirt from the Barneys holiday sale. The picture doesn't really do it justice. Here is just looks like the fabric is standard Catholic-schoolboy-blue-shirt, but it has the slightest slightest slightest iridescent sheen. The oversized tuxedo detailing is great.

YAY! I have never never NEVER been one to buy the same garment multiple times, but these I really had no choice. Naked and Famous (as I blogged about a couple months ago) makes what I think is the best denim available. The last time I bought this jean I got it in the deep indigo color, and now I got this grey color which I really like. The grey color and lack of tacky wash or embroidery will make these a great pair of jeans; the color makes them really versatile for formal.informal work/play kind of settings.
And of course, I hadn't really examined them too too closely in the store, but you can imagine my surprise when I discovered that the edge of the seam on the interior of the cuff has the slightest sparkly detail! You know how much I love sparkly things!

It's little details like this sparkle that really transform a garment and make it special. It's just enough for me to know it's there (and I think it'll play nicely off of my new Swear shiny sneakers!) It will also catch other peoples' eye and make them ask "Where'd you get those great jeans?!" which will provide an excellent segue for me to rave about my undying love for Naked and Famous.

McQueen does Magritte, but with more sass

Alexander McQueen's Menswear SS2010 collection (although it was NO Plato's Atlantis, for sure) felt surprisngly refreshing. I appreciated the fall2009 collection, but the new show felt like a breath of fresh air.

First out were these really fresh spring looks, double-breasted windowpane suits, really cool flat-brimmed hats, suitpants with sweatpant-like bands around the ankles. Everythring felt refreshing and clean, it really began to remind me of Belgian painter Rene Magritte. Very clean lines, almost satiric in their simplicity. In true McQueen fashion, however, as soon as you feel the show pulling you in one direction it pulls you in another. Out came these paint-splattered navy khakis, rolled up cuffs, of course (I told you that was a big trend!).

Things really started to get tongue-in-cheek when McQueen sent out models covered with handprints; someone covered their hands in bright blue paint and left a mark on suits and white shirts. I love love LOVED the pants with the single white handprint over the groin. Very very funny, monsieur McQueen. What a great show. And of course, the last two looks featured those crazy futuristic-digitized-whatever prints that were all over the womenswear show. So sly, so McQueen.

Here are some of my favorite looks from the show:

27 December 2009

trends of the moment

So I am not really one for trends, but I do think there is something to be said about seeing a trend on the runway and making it your own. People often feel so overwhelmed when they want to dress more fashionably that they don't even know where to begin. Taking a mainstream trend and adapting it to your own wardrobe, budget, style, etc. can be a great way to get some fashion inspiration. Here are some of the current/upcoming trends I think work on a lot of people and can be easily adapted for every budget.

Leather was all over the spring runways. Leather is a great material to layer with, and when you invest in a good leather piece, you can usually adapt it to a multitude of looks and styles. A perfectly-fitting leather jacket looks great with jeans and a teeshirt, or, for the ladies, toss it on over a floral print (another big trend) dress. You don't even need to go that big and invest in a jacket. Leather leggings are great, they add a different layer of texture to your ensemble. A leather pencil skirt would be really versatile and transitions well from day into night.

Nautical-themed fashion is one of those trends that comes back every couple of years that I really enjoy. I mean, besides the blue/white pallette which is fresh looking and flattering on lots of people, who doesn't enjoy dressing up like a sailor?? Nautical means you can totally rock the blue and white striped sweaters; the GAP has a good selection of affordable options. Or, if you are willing to go way-upmarket, Balmain has a really great nautical pullover, too. Rope and enamel accessories work well here, and are available in every price range in things like belts or even cuffs.

I am totally feeling the tribal trend going on right now. American Apparel is doing a great series of garments based on this African-inspired print. Any sort of wild print is in, actually, and don't be afraid to mix and match prints. One of my biggest style mantras is "It's all about the mix." As long as the GENERAL color pallette and aesthetic of the prints complement each other, you're all set. And only when you start mixing and matching old/new, thisprint/thatprint, high-end/budget is when you can let your true style shine through. Only a person with true style will be able to mix and match as they see fit, to bring together a variety of different options under the same vision in order to produce a cohesive look.

Proenza Schoulder SpringSummer2010 was ALL about the tie-dye print.  A word of caution, just make sure that your tie-dye garments aren't too psychadellic. You shouldn't be able to describe the colors in your shirtwith the word 'rainbow.' 
THOUGHT: Lands End always carries really cheap tie-dye shirts. Maybe I'll pick up a couple and cut them up, maybe make some racerback tanks or even do some across-the-torso splicing.... hmmm.....

25 December 2009

it's the most fasionable time of the year

So this Christmas I received a great assortment of gifts (but don't get me wrong, it isn't about the gifts... got loads of quality time in with the fam!) 

I received some cool things, also bought myself a few presents (comme d'habitude)

Here just a few edits from the KingstonChristmas09Collection

The beloved Jack Spade Chocolate messenger. Together at last.

warmasheck "natural"-colored JCrew cableknit sweater with shawl collar. Will look great with slacks, torn-up jeans, under a blazer, whatever.

Shiny SWEARlondon sneakers. These are going to look SO good on New Years... blackjeans, vintageYSL white dress shirt, matte sillver tie, vest, ensemble picture forthcoming.

I love New England. Plain and Simple! This shirt is supersoft, can't wait to wear it around... Probably going to wear it with jeans and my Sorel Caribou winter boots, maybe even tie a plaid shirt around my waist for the 90s/KurtCobain/grunge-meets-NewEngland/lumberjack chic.

The essential Jack Purcell / Converse. It's fresh. It's classic. It's now.

Saw this jacket at Banana Republic and totally fell in love. It's a strange combination of being lined yet also being lightweight, so it's going to be a great versatile piece for layering. I've been toying with the idea of investing in a quality leather jacket, and I would probably want one in this silhouette so let's consider this one a dry run.
 Here's a second picture with crazy flash going on so you can get a better sense of the construction. The torso is in this microfibre-y windproof-y is this neoprene-y kind of synthetic. The sleeves are like a track jacket. Check it out.

And, of course, the best part about being a fashion lover during the holiday season is after-Christmas sales! Expect a part 2 in a few days....

22 December 2009

barneys new york holiday sale loving

Anybody who is as addicted to Barneys as I am should be aware that this morning officially started the holiday sale.... up to 60% off so much fashion plus free ground shipping! And if you place your orders today, free shipping will get to you in time for New Years parties!

Here's a shirt I am thinking of getting.... 3.1 Phillip Lim (love) in light blue. It's got this really cool Lim-ified tuxedo motif going on. I actually tried it on a couple weeks ago and fell in love, but decided not to get it for.... I can't remember why? But now that it's less than half the retail price, I can't resist. Merry Christmas to me!

21 December 2009

FAVORITE THINGS: a good navy blazer

Everybody, listen up. I am not usually a preachy kind of person. Well actually, I am. But anyways. I think that one of the most essential things you need for your wardrobe is a solid, well-fiting navy blazer. It literally goes with anything. Pair it with a graphic tee and jeans for a casual look to wear out to the bar, or pair it with a sweater for a collegiate, cool weather look. You can roll up the sleeves if you want to edge it up a bit (but always be sure to steam afterwards to avoid permanent creasing!) A good blazer will go with jeans, slacks, and a big trend that's been on the runways, shorts.

Here's my latest blazer. I picked it up for next to nothing at a secondhand store. Word of caution... typically I would not advocate buying such an important wardrobe staple secondhand. I ONLY picked this one because it's Brooks Brothers (so you know it's solid construction and made from high quality materials) and it was in nearly perfect condition. The lining is this beautiful shiny navy blue which goes nicely (I think) with the deeper navy blue of the outside of the jacket. It didn't smell, it was HARDLY worn and was such a steal I couldn't resist. It didn't fit quite the way I wanted so I took it to my tailor and had it shortened and brought in around the torso, not too much, of course, because a roomier fit is in right now. I still think I am going to have the shoulder pads reduced/taken out (less architectural, looser jackets were all over the Spring2010 runways like white on rice).  ANYWAYS here I am. And please don't think I am coked out or trying to look edgy... my friend took it before I was ready.

[Brooks Brothers vintage blazer. Seven For All Mankind denim. TShirt made by myself]

This is what I wore to my friend's going away party (note all of her crap behind me ready to be moved out) Black and blue paired together is one of my favorite looks to wear for casual nights out. I rolled up the sleeves and wore my bluest jeans to add some more layers of color to contrast with the black. I love love love blazers paired with a pair of washedout jeans. The TShirt is of my own design/craftsmanship. I originally made it to go see the Monster Ball a couple weeks ago.

The moral of the story, kiddies, is that there is nothing a well-fitting navy blazer can't do. They are available in literally every price point, but I would reccomend going a bit up-market because once you slip into it, you won't want to take it off.

20 December 2009

Rodarte for Target SELLS OUT

The Rodarte for Target collection went on sale this morning and, as I predicted, has already sold out. Even the online Target store is completely out. Well done, girls.

19 December 2009

Lanvin Men Spring 2010 Ad Campaign = BEAUTY

I just came across the Lanvin Men Spring 2010 Ad Campaign and had a moment. So speechless. Here are the shots, photographed by and starring husband/wife duo Vinoodh Matadin and Inez van Lamsweerde:


I AM SO IN LOVE WITH THESE PICTURES. The first one is bananas; at first, the eye is drawn to the outlandish body paint on Inez. The positioning of his mouth on hers is perfect, it focuses attention on him and the clothes seem to be pushing him, motivating him to kiss her more and more passionately. This picture is pure LOVE.

The second one is insane also, I love the movement of her hair over his shoulders and the way the clothes sort of validate the way she is pouring over him. The sweeping darkness of the hair is such a great contrast to the vivid whiteness of the shirt.

Way to go Monsieur Elbaz. The campaign breathes some life into this label, which I personally think has been in need of some recussitation. This totally makes me want to go out and buy Lanvin if I get to have steamy kisses with airbrushed nymphs!

16 December 2009

soft up top, hard down below

The play of black and white and silver is so chic to me. Throw in some AWang and a little Rodarte and I'm yours.

Alexander Wang top. Bandage skirt by Vince. Quilted flap handbag by Chanel. Clip earrings by Palmacae. Rodarte shoes.

KP 5


So since I've been a good little boy and have hardly spent money in MONTHS and I have a week off until my next exam, I decided to hit the streets and search for sales. I came to U&I (one of my favorites stores in Montreal) and saw a "60% off" sign in the window. I lost my breath.  So after being in there for almost two hours trying on every type of garment under the sun (sooo many great deals on Philip Lim, Engineered Garments, Fred Perry, Comme des Garcons) I edited down my selection to two shirts. And of course, my camera USB cable is MIA so I can't upload pictures.... yet.

The first shirt was an Acne oxford in this really subtle lilac color. Covered buttons, perfectly tiny collar. A great staple I'll have forever. Love. Here's a picture, although it's kind of dark and the focus isn't really on the shirt, but you get the idea of the aesthetic it lends itself to.

The second shirt I decided to take a bit more of a risk on. Opening Ceremony. White and caramel gingham. Really loose, peasant-y kind of fit on top with dropped shoulders and almost like a batwing kind of sleeve. The bottom of the shirt, though, is regularly sized around my lower torso so the top gives lots of volume and movement but the bottom kind of anchors the shirt and keeps things flattering. The sleeves are just short of 3/4 length. I die. Oh, and it was 60% off. A steal. The perfect option for just wearing out for errands, meeting someone for coffee, or doing the exam-chic look. Comfy yet flattering and fashionable.

I also made a pitstop of Duo on Clark/PrinceArthur. I am always really impressed by the breadth of what they have there but just personally haven't had much luck as far as finding wearable clothes that fit me just right. I did notice, however, that there was a Duckie Brown shirt for almost 80% less than it would retail anywhere else, but I had already spent enough money today. Next time!

12 December 2009

FAVORITE THINGS: Jack Spade Messengers

Jack Spade Messenger bags. Love em. Simple, chic, come in a great variety of colors and styles. Part of the proud "Spade" tradition of really solid, fashionable craftsmanship. Need I say more?

I want this one for Christmas! Love the maroon color with the contrasting label. Also comes in a great chocolate color.


The upcoming Rodarte for Target collection has really sparked my interest in finding out what Rodarte is all about, their story, their inspiration, their work. The label was started by two sisters (Laura and Kate Mulleavy). Heres their picture:

I think what I find so interesting about these two women is that they aren't just the typical fashion/scene people... they've actually got brains! Both are graduates of UCBerkeley. It is SO refreshing to see academic people transitioning into the world of fashion (particularly because I am an English major, and so was Laura). Their intellectualism defiinately translates into the clothes... I have never really encountered anything like Rodarte. The clothes are so thought provoking, and there is definately something to be said about a fashion label whose show literally makes me stop breathing.

These sisters work with their hands, and have become masters of their sort of signature drapey-interwoven-asymmetrical-rouched motif. Even the Spring 2010 collection, which was intentionally made using "ugly" fabrics like burnt cheeseclotch and sandpapered leather, was put together in such a way that the craftsmanship of the looks, the combination of the seemingly ugly components was intensely beautiful and powerful. Heres some of my favorites from the Spring 2010 show:

I could post a billion picture on here of all my favorite Rodarte moments (it's so hard to pick just one!) but I think by far, the most mesmerizing dress I have ever seen come down the Rodarte Runway is this one, so full of movement, so full of color.... I love the way that this dress makes your eye move from color to color and then following the trail of the black swooshey thingy... PERFECTION:  (I couldn't find a picture to steal so just follow this link, thanks NYTimes!)


Rodarte consistently gets better and better at producing finely crafted pieces of art. The clothes are daring, fresh, intellectual, often shocking, always beautiful.

(oh and as far as pronunciation, I haven't heard either of the sisters pronounce it themselves, but I have heard "ro-DART-ay" a lot. maybe this is just me being a picky English major, but I definately prefer "row-DART." the soft vowel sound cut off with the sudden intonation of the second syllable, curving the "R" sound with the front of your mouth is more intriguing to my ear. and saying "ro-DART-ay" just sounds hokey. but call it what you will.)

07 December 2009

Sad News.... for Now

Hello loyal blog readers. I regret to inform you that I am going to be taking some time off from KINGSTON PROJECT. I, after all, am a student and it is the peak of exam season up here in Montreal. Rest assured, I will be coming back full force the minute I stop writing that last exam.

02 December 2009

Let the Record Show that.....

I would just like to state for the record that I am passionately against colored jeans. If you are going to be brave enough to wear them, just make sure that they are in a modern, slim, straight cut. Please, no bootcuts, bellbottoms, flares, whathaveyou-- the seventies have been over for quite some time now. Bootcut color jeans are DEAD.

That's all.