27 December 2009

trends of the moment

So I am not really one for trends, but I do think there is something to be said about seeing a trend on the runway and making it your own. People often feel so overwhelmed when they want to dress more fashionably that they don't even know where to begin. Taking a mainstream trend and adapting it to your own wardrobe, budget, style, etc. can be a great way to get some fashion inspiration. Here are some of the current/upcoming trends I think work on a lot of people and can be easily adapted for every budget.

Leather was all over the spring runways. Leather is a great material to layer with, and when you invest in a good leather piece, you can usually adapt it to a multitude of looks and styles. A perfectly-fitting leather jacket looks great with jeans and a teeshirt, or, for the ladies, toss it on over a floral print (another big trend) dress. You don't even need to go that big and invest in a jacket. Leather leggings are great, they add a different layer of texture to your ensemble. A leather pencil skirt would be really versatile and transitions well from day into night.

Nautical-themed fashion is one of those trends that comes back every couple of years that I really enjoy. I mean, besides the blue/white pallette which is fresh looking and flattering on lots of people, who doesn't enjoy dressing up like a sailor?? Nautical means you can totally rock the blue and white striped sweaters; the GAP has a good selection of affordable options. Or, if you are willing to go way-upmarket, Balmain has a really great nautical pullover, too. Rope and enamel accessories work well here, and are available in every price range in things like belts or even cuffs.

I am totally feeling the tribal trend going on right now. American Apparel is doing a great series of garments based on this African-inspired print. Any sort of wild print is in, actually, and don't be afraid to mix and match prints. One of my biggest style mantras is "It's all about the mix." As long as the GENERAL color pallette and aesthetic of the prints complement each other, you're all set. And only when you start mixing and matching old/new, thisprint/thatprint, high-end/budget is when you can let your true style shine through. Only a person with true style will be able to mix and match as they see fit, to bring together a variety of different options under the same vision in order to produce a cohesive look.

Proenza Schoulder SpringSummer2010 was ALL about the tie-dye print.  A word of caution, just make sure that your tie-dye garments aren't too psychadellic. You shouldn't be able to describe the colors in your shirtwith the word 'rainbow.' 
THOUGHT: Lands End always carries really cheap tie-dye shirts. Maybe I'll pick up a couple and cut them up, maybe make some racerback tanks or even do some across-the-torso splicing.... hmmm.....

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