16 December 2009


So since I've been a good little boy and have hardly spent money in MONTHS and I have a week off until my next exam, I decided to hit the streets and search for sales. I came to U&I (one of my favorites stores in Montreal) and saw a "60% off" sign in the window. I lost my breath.  So after being in there for almost two hours trying on every type of garment under the sun (sooo many great deals on Philip Lim, Engineered Garments, Fred Perry, Comme des Garcons) I edited down my selection to two shirts. And of course, my camera USB cable is MIA so I can't upload pictures.... yet.

The first shirt was an Acne oxford in this really subtle lilac color. Covered buttons, perfectly tiny collar. A great staple I'll have forever. Love. Here's a picture, although it's kind of dark and the focus isn't really on the shirt, but you get the idea of the aesthetic it lends itself to.

The second shirt I decided to take a bit more of a risk on. Opening Ceremony. White and caramel gingham. Really loose, peasant-y kind of fit on top with dropped shoulders and almost like a batwing kind of sleeve. The bottom of the shirt, though, is regularly sized around my lower torso so the top gives lots of volume and movement but the bottom kind of anchors the shirt and keeps things flattering. The sleeves are just short of 3/4 length. I die. Oh, and it was 60% off. A steal. The perfect option for just wearing out for errands, meeting someone for coffee, or doing the exam-chic look. Comfy yet flattering and fashionable.

I also made a pitstop of Duo on Clark/PrinceArthur. I am always really impressed by the breadth of what they have there but just personally haven't had much luck as far as finding wearable clothes that fit me just right. I did notice, however, that there was a Duckie Brown shirt for almost 80% less than it would retail anywhere else, but I had already spent enough money today. Next time!

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