21 December 2009

FAVORITE THINGS: a good navy blazer

Everybody, listen up. I am not usually a preachy kind of person. Well actually, I am. But anyways. I think that one of the most essential things you need for your wardrobe is a solid, well-fiting navy blazer. It literally goes with anything. Pair it with a graphic tee and jeans for a casual look to wear out to the bar, or pair it with a sweater for a collegiate, cool weather look. You can roll up the sleeves if you want to edge it up a bit (but always be sure to steam afterwards to avoid permanent creasing!) A good blazer will go with jeans, slacks, and a big trend that's been on the runways, shorts.

Here's my latest blazer. I picked it up for next to nothing at a secondhand store. Word of caution... typically I would not advocate buying such an important wardrobe staple secondhand. I ONLY picked this one because it's Brooks Brothers (so you know it's solid construction and made from high quality materials) and it was in nearly perfect condition. The lining is this beautiful shiny navy blue which goes nicely (I think) with the deeper navy blue of the outside of the jacket. It didn't smell, it was HARDLY worn and was such a steal I couldn't resist. It didn't fit quite the way I wanted so I took it to my tailor and had it shortened and brought in around the torso, not too much, of course, because a roomier fit is in right now. I still think I am going to have the shoulder pads reduced/taken out (less architectural, looser jackets were all over the Spring2010 runways like white on rice).  ANYWAYS here I am. And please don't think I am coked out or trying to look edgy... my friend took it before I was ready.

[Brooks Brothers vintage blazer. Seven For All Mankind denim. TShirt made by myself]

This is what I wore to my friend's going away party (note all of her crap behind me ready to be moved out) Black and blue paired together is one of my favorite looks to wear for casual nights out. I rolled up the sleeves and wore my bluest jeans to add some more layers of color to contrast with the black. I love love love blazers paired with a pair of washedout jeans. The TShirt is of my own design/craftsmanship. I originally made it to go see the Monster Ball a couple weeks ago.

The moral of the story, kiddies, is that there is nothing a well-fitting navy blazer can't do. They are available in literally every price point, but I would reccomend going a bit up-market because once you slip into it, you won't want to take it off.


  1. haha I actually got my navy blazer at a vintage store, it's YSL and only cost me $25! best steal of my life...

  2. hey todd, i really like yours. it looks awesome on you...do you go to a tailor in mtl? also, i'm just curious, why do you suggest navy over black? is it just as versatile, but maybe less boring/standard? anyway, hope your break is going well!

  3. Thanks! Yes, I go to Mark Alterations near StCatherine and Peel. They do a great job.

    I would suggest navy over black because navy tends to be more versatile, particularly when it comes from transitioning from day to night. And a deep navy is CAN be as flattering as black CAN be (I say that with caution.) Navy adds a hint of color which I find complements most peoples' skin tones a lot better, especially when you are tanner in the spring and paler in the winter. That being said, navy transitions well between seasons. But then again, black is the new black of the SpringSummer2010 runways, so maybe I'm just making this up.

    Thanks for reading/commenting, have a great break!xo

  4. I like the T-shirt... GAGA inspired?
    Also I totally agree everyone needs a classy navy blazer... or two.
    Or if you're me three because the last one had bigger shoulders and really cool buttons.