28 December 2009

it's the most fashionable time of the year, part deux

As promised, an update on the updates to the Kingston wardrobe.

My love/hate relationship with GAP was pretty fruitful this past winter break. Picked up these two basic, supersoft VNecks for I think five bucks each. There are few things more versatile than a good-quality vneck teeshirt. I was really feeling these two colors. Shmee. Not much to say.

These are some Marc Jacobs socks that I am actually really proud of because I have been loking for some time now for some comfy socks halfway between dress-socks and the ratty old Pumas I wear to the gym. Happy medium, everybody wins. Actually, only I win so I guess that doesn't apply?

HALLELUJAH! We meet at last, Mr. Phillip Lim, I've heard so many lovely things about you! I am so glad I was able to get this shirt from the Barneys holiday sale. The picture doesn't really do it justice. Here is just looks like the fabric is standard Catholic-schoolboy-blue-shirt, but it has the slightest slightest slightest iridescent sheen. The oversized tuxedo detailing is great.

YAY! I have never never NEVER been one to buy the same garment multiple times, but these I really had no choice. Naked and Famous (as I blogged about a couple months ago) makes what I think is the best denim available. The last time I bought this jean I got it in the deep indigo color, and now I got this grey color which I really like. The grey color and lack of tacky wash or embroidery will make these a great pair of jeans; the color makes them really versatile for formal.informal work/play kind of settings.
And of course, I hadn't really examined them too too closely in the store, but you can imagine my surprise when I discovered that the edge of the seam on the interior of the cuff has the slightest sparkly detail! You know how much I love sparkly things!

It's little details like this sparkle that really transform a garment and make it special. It's just enough for me to know it's there (and I think it'll play nicely off of my new Swear shiny sneakers!) It will also catch other peoples' eye and make them ask "Where'd you get those great jeans?!" which will provide an excellent segue for me to rave about my undying love for Naked and Famous.

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