25 December 2009

it's the most fasionable time of the year

So this Christmas I received a great assortment of gifts (but don't get me wrong, it isn't about the gifts... got loads of quality time in with the fam!) 

I received some cool things, also bought myself a few presents (comme d'habitude)

Here just a few edits from the KingstonChristmas09Collection

The beloved Jack Spade Chocolate messenger. Together at last.

warmasheck "natural"-colored JCrew cableknit sweater with shawl collar. Will look great with slacks, torn-up jeans, under a blazer, whatever.

Shiny SWEARlondon sneakers. These are going to look SO good on New Years... blackjeans, vintageYSL white dress shirt, matte sillver tie, vest, ensemble picture forthcoming.

I love New England. Plain and Simple! This shirt is supersoft, can't wait to wear it around... Probably going to wear it with jeans and my Sorel Caribou winter boots, maybe even tie a plaid shirt around my waist for the 90s/KurtCobain/grunge-meets-NewEngland/lumberjack chic.

The essential Jack Purcell / Converse. It's fresh. It's classic. It's now.

Saw this jacket at Banana Republic and totally fell in love. It's a strange combination of being lined yet also being lightweight, so it's going to be a great versatile piece for layering. I've been toying with the idea of investing in a quality leather jacket, and I would probably want one in this silhouette so let's consider this one a dry run.
 Here's a second picture with crazy flash going on so you can get a better sense of the construction. The torso is in this microfibre-y windproof-y is this neoprene-y kind of synthetic. The sleeves are like a track jacket. Check it out.

And, of course, the best part about being a fashion lover during the holiday season is after-Christmas sales! Expect a part 2 in a few days....

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