02 November 2009

Swine Flu Chic

Three of my roommates are currently stricken with swine flu. It's only a matter of time until the virus gets me. Either way, I don't plan on letting h1n1 virus make me any less stylish. Here are some great tips on how to get sick without losing your cool.

It is a truth univesally acknowledged that being bed ridden for several days makes you.... icky. Ted Gibson makes a great product called the "Hair Sheet." Just wip one out of its convenient packaging and run it through your hair. They make your hair fresher and give it some much needed boosting after being smushed up against a pillow.

If you for any reason need to leave the house, be it to run down the block for some chicken soup or to your local pharmacy for some Pepto, don't you dare leave without the largest pair of sunglasses you own. Tossing on a pair of big sunnies will hide your less-than-perfect complexion and not make small children run away in fear.

But before you leave the house, however, I strongly reccomend putting on some "natural glow" lotion. Jergens makes a good one, so does Aveeno. It is a quick and healthy way to add a slight bit of glow to your skin, and unlike makeup, you don't have to worry about applying it correctly or removing it.

A big symptom of Swine Flu is intense coughing. You're going to need some serious therapy to combat this symptom. I reccommend using Strepsils. They are the Chanel Haute Couture of coughdrops. My friend from Westchester Country says that they are very exclusive in her hometown, that people- even sick people who need them- have to go on a waiting list and pay upawards of $20 per box. Up here in Montreal-- where I am currently living, by the way-- you can be them for under $8 a box at any store at any time. So as soon as you have even the slightest itchy throat, run out to the store and pick up some Cherry flavored Strepsils. And call your friend from Westchester and tell them that you just bought an armful of Strepsils, they'll think you're some sort of celebrity.

As far as apparel goes, curl up in your favorite chunky knit sweater.I have a nice and thick one from Dale of  Norway. Getting over the flu is all about staying warm, so layer, layer, layer!

And please, people, if you are going to be in any contact with anybody, brush your teeth! Even if you found the energy to put together a cute Swine Chic ensemble, the look will be ruined if your breath smells like a dead animal!

(Found this on the internet thinking that googling 'swine flu chic' would yield some results. Part of me wishes this mask was real:


I like to give credit where credit is due. (Except when I steal every picture for this blog off of google images.) This post would not have been possible without the inspiration of my beautiful friend Stephanie.


  1. you the best.
    i also kind of wish the lv mask was real...

  2. I love the Jane Austen reference.