26 November 2009

Alexis Mabille, Menswear Spring 2010

I was just flipping through WWD Men's Collections Spring 2010 and came across a little blurp on the Alexis Mabille show. My interest piqued, I headed online to check out more of the collection. I would probably describe the show as playful-preppy-bourgeois-boudoir. Mabille sent out these incredible brocade pants, one in a chinoiserie-style pattern and the other in an argyle-a-la-harlequin.  Here are my favorite looks from the show:

Totally loving the backwards suspenders. The pants are totally out of control. Again, I fall prey to my addiction to shiny things.

The only thing I really liked about this was the peacoat. I love a grey peacoat, and the slim cut of the torso and sleeves paired with the detailing on the collar makes this for me. Classic looks done in a fresh way never, never go out of style.

I really liked the slim and trim cut of this jacket, and contrasting textures on collars always gets me. Tossing the jacket on over the shoulder has this great effortless-chic-luxury feeling to it. Playful yet sophisticated.

I would like to state for the record that I am a total advocate of wider-leg shorts, especially (though not in that case) when they are cut above the knee.

So this guy is actually the designer Alexis Mabille, and I don't know if he is wearing his own creation (he probably is) but I really like this cardigan. Light pink and grey are a great color combination. Also, it's refreshing to see a designer who seems so happy and proud after a fashion show. When everyone is clapping for you, after you've had a massive team of people put in lots of hours of work to put the show together, nothing is ruder than a stern designer who takes one step on stage, raises an arm in the audience's general direction, and disappears.

Great collection, Monsieur, Mabille, glad to see you're enjoying it as much as we did.

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