08 November 2009

The first step is admitting you have a problem.

Alright. So lately, I've been going down a road I never thought I would venture down... my shoe fetish has been burgeoning and blossming. Particularly, shiny shoes. And sneakers. Shiny sneakers, of course, being my ultimate weak spot.

I've come across this shoe label called "Swear" out of London and I am obsessed with everything they've been putting out, but these two caught my eye in particular.

They're understated with just enough sheen poking out in the heel. Totally great to toss on to run out for some errands.

These shoes are out of control. I love love love them because they aren't too much, but you definately need the confidence to pull them off. I would style these with some dark unwashed selvedge denim that would show them off. And a simple tee shirt in a neutral color, or even in black or a gauzy offwhite. And perhaps a slimcut black blazer with rolled up sleeves. Great choice for wearing out at night without having to get too dressed up, maybe on a dinner date or to a cocktail bar.

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