26 November 2009

Totally Rad

While in the throws of my style research for inspiration for the blog, inspiration for my own style, and potential pieces to invest in, I've come across what might be the coolest men's label of the moment. Yeah, it's called "Warriors of Radness", no big deal. The vibe of the line is complete and total eighties.nineties revival. Windbreakers, pullovers, neon and pastel colors, SoCal surfer chic insanity.  Check out this picture from their Spring 2010 lookbook:

The stuff looks super fresh, with an 80s revival look that isn't stuffy or cliche. And when I saw the prices, my jaw dropped... SUPER reasonable. I can't wait to order one of their fun windbreakers, it's going to be such a great look for Spring! (I really want the turquoise and pink one in the picture at the very bottom) Here's some more images so you can get a feel for WARRIORS OF RADNESS.

(check out their website + online shop: http://www.warriorsofradness.com/ )

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