10 November 2009

Totes for you and totes for me!

A good tote bag is something that everyone needs at one point or another. Be it for holding food on your way to a picnic or potluck, or tossing in a change of clothes to slip into after your couture party, here are some of my favorites, all stylish, all from different price ranges.

Iconic in its own right, I think everyone should own their own monogrammed LL Bean tote bag. They are super affordable and come in a constellation of sizes and colors, and they are so easy to wash in case yours gets dirty.

Jack Spade makes some great masculine options. The first is a pretty basic one that is hand dipped in liquid rubber to add extra durability. You will literally have this bag forever. The second is my personal favorite. Neutral colors go with everything, and this one is currently on sale on the Jack Spade website for about $70.

Kate Spade also makes a really fun and girlier option. I love the splash of pink on top of the handle here!

Burberry, accessories legend, has a simple nylon tote with the Prorsum logo on th e top. Very simple, very UK-chic, under $200. Also comes in a red, a lilac and a really fierce black.

Longchamp, French accessories authority, has become extremely widespread. Particularly, every spoiled girl has the basic "Pliage" tote. An easy way to one-up all those dumb girls while still being able to partake in the luxury of Longchamp's style and craftsmanship would be to go upscale just a little bit and get a slightly more embellished, but still easily recognizable and disctinctively Longchamp, bag. Here are my picks:

This first one has a really cool handle, making this a great option for the men, too! And the second Longchamp:

Totally easy and breezy, very elegant and completely utilitarian.

And, of course, if you are willing to splurge a bit for a great tote you will use forever, Hermes has a great product called the "SilkyPop." This line of bags is made out of silk inside of a kind of Continental style leather wallet. You unzip, and out "pops" the bag, and the leather folds open and becomes the base of the bag. Really easy to travel with, and just like Hermes scarves, they come in about thirty thousand different patterns. Et voila!

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