20 October 2009

why Raf, why?

Raf Simons Spring 2010 show was, to say the least, not my favorite. It did have it's shining moments, like the jackets with the silk upperarms. One motif that was repeated several times throughout the show was this sort of high-waisted belt cinching in the model's ensemble, here, a sportcoat. I do not like this look at all. I am totally in favor of the use of androgyny here and there in fashion, but this is outright terrible. It cinches in the waist and overemphasizes the hips, creating a bizarre feminine silhouette. And what is the wearer of this high-waisted belt going to look like when they aren't a male model who hasn't eaten carbs since the Clinton administration? I'd really like to hear what Raf Simons has to say for himself about this....

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