31 October 2009

Over the Knee Boots

Over the knee boots are totally in at the moment.  They are a great option for both day and evening wear. Pair this pair of suede Louboutins with a chunky-knit cream-colored oversize sweater for a casual yet sexy daytime look:

These Gucci OTKs are totally OOC. I am in love with the architecturual, structured pattern of the fabrics. The patent leather deatiling is uber-sexy. These would be a totally killer, shut-it-down option for a night out on the town. (Wow I really need to slow down with the RachelZoe-isms!).  I would style this with some fantastic dripping-in-sequins top. Check out how futuristic and fashion-forward they are:

And Prada, of course, has their own version of  "yeah, I'm wearing OTK boots because that's how far I'll shove my foot up your ass unless you do what I tell you" boots. So fierce:

And, for those of us who would rather pay the rent this month than shell out hundreds- even thousands- for OTK boots, here is an equally fabulous and totally affordable version from DSW, currently priced at just $69.95!

Go check out the DSW website, they've got TONS of OTK options, many in real leather and suede, most for less than a hundred bucks!

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