23 October 2009

FAVORITE THINGS: exploded check burberry scarf

Ok ok ok I totally understand all of you who think that the Burberry scarf is cliche and JAPpy and over, but I am totally a die-hard fan of the giant check scarf. The regular sized check one is pretty vanilla now that so many people have it. And you could totally make the argument that people wear Burberry scarves because they want to promote a certain aesthetic or project a certain look/image etc. But at the end of the day, you can NOT dispute the fact that Burberry is historically one of the most important fashion houses in the world. They made the trench an ICON. The Burberry scarf, probably used at first to stave off the freezing UK weather, is a great product. Their cashmere is so soft and well produced.

I am a huge proponent of the "when you look good you feel good" ideology, and I sincerely believe that a camel cashmere scarf with the signature Burberry plaid looks damn good. I could wear just a plain black Tshirt and jeans, toss on my Burberry scarf and feel like a million bucks. They are soft, they are warm, and they are part of a proud tradition of English craftsmanship.  On that note, I do believe that the traditional Burberry check scarf is slightly overdone. That is why I'm posting the exploded check scarf as one of my "favorite things" because it is still a way of supporting and believing in Burberry in a slightly different way that says "hey, I like Burberry because of what it is and not because all the JAPs are wearing them!"

(and for future reference, JAP refers to jewish american princess and NOT a slur against Japanese persons. just sayin. not that i have anything against the jews. i love the jews. but, you know what i mean)

So please, the weather outside is frightful, so go get yourself a Burberry exploded check scarf and cozy up with a cuppa tea.

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