16 October 2009

hello there, my pretty

Fashion is everywhere. It's in New York. It's in Marrakech. It's on the runway. It's sitting across from you on the subway. Fashion is your mother, your boyfriend, your Sunday brunch, your hot hot sex. It is in your memories, it is the future.

So here I am. With nothing but my own two eyes and an internet connection. And my obsession with fashion.

The Kingston Project is my scrapbook. I hear a bit of news about the fashion world, on the blog it goes. I think a fashion show is worthy of my praise/scorn, on the blog it goes. I see someone on the street with a good eye for style, I snap a picture and post it here for your viewing pleasure. I want to rant and rave about anything from Anna Wintour to neon leggings, it goes on the blog.

So, fashion lovers across the globe, brace yourselves. The Kingston Project is firing up, and NO ONE will be able to escape my gaze.

My name is Kingston. And this is my HAUS.

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