26 October 2009

Hey, if Chanel's doing it....

Androgyny all the way, baby! This is from Chanel Spring 2010 show. It brings a tear to my eye... just think how far fashion has come, culturally, since the eighties, even the nineties... Dressing men and women in the same outfits would have been outrageous! But now, it's fierce and fashion forward.... Love it! (Also, I feel like every Burberry ad in recent history features some poorly fed boy who looks like Agyness Deyn if you look too quickly!)

And here is Marc Jacobs after his Spring 2010 show, sporting a lovely below the knee skirt and crisp white shirt a la Carolina Herrera:

Oh, and here is a rare sight, Karl Lagerfeld wearing jeans after the Chanel show : (wait, so he is actually a real person???)

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