29 October 2009

Gimme Gimme!

Phillip Dubuc is probably one of the most significant Montreal designers of the moment. He was the first Canadian invited to present a show during Paris fashion week. His stuff is very architectural, very modern, and very.... dark. I usually like his stuff, but it would be nice to see some color every once and again!

I was browsing through Phillip Dubuc's flagship in Montreal, and came across this jacket which I am totally in love with:

I love the tuxedo style collar layered on top of the notched lapes. And, just in case you were wondering....

Yes, the layered collar is actually an integrated piece of fabric which can be folded up and used as a scarf! So clever, I've never seen anything like this before.

(The one thing that concerns me is that when I checked out the tag to see what fabric was used, it was 100% of non-natural fibers I had never heard of and couldn't even pronounce! Dubuc's designs are very contemporary, maybe natural fibers are too passe'?)

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