28 October 2009

STORES I LOVE: uniqlo.

NEW FAVORITE STORE. Uniqlo is out of Japan and, to me, is the next big thing. (I can't wait for them to open more North America locations. As of right now they just have one in New York.) I couldn't have created this store in my wildest dreams: American Apparel meets H&M with just a dash of JCrew thrown in. LOVE LOVE LOVE.

Every pricetag in this store made me do a double take..... Vneck lambswool sweaters for under twenty bucks, cashmere sweaters for 99. Every basic garment you could ever need. In every single frigging color you can imagine. And even some more complex garments if you are so inclined. They've got everything from the broadest selection of sweaters I have ever seen, a great range of warm winter peacoats and other outerwear, fun graphic Tshirts, great basic dress shirts in really high quality fabric, to selvedge denim! I walked into their New York flagship and, to use the RachelZoe-ism, I died. It was bananas. Completely OOC.*

(*"Out of Control")

Boys and girls, next time you're in The City, be sure to make a stop of Uniqlo. on Broadway between Prince and Spring.

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