23 October 2009

demarchelier, demarchelNAY

I would like to say that I was officially bored by Demarchelier's work in the November 2009 issue of Vogue. The segment, called "the daily news" fell completely flat. It purported to be a piece with "a bit of funk" and "unmistakable jazz" that "moves with the rhythm of the streets." It was none of these things. The clothes were NOT exciting; there was no beauty, and the aesthetics and palette of the looks just looked too retro-revival. And on top of that, the background of the pictures was a drab stone color-- it didn't even make the clothes look particularly good. But I did like how the models were posed. They consistently looked like they were confident, like they were interacting with some exciting things going on outside the gaze of the camera. I liked how they were posed.... the first five times. After a while, even the fierce looks they have on their faces began to fall flat. They had the same expression and mid-air stride pose in nearly every picture.
In closing, the clothes were boring. The models were good but ultimately not able to work with the art direction of the shoot.

Not your best work, Monsieur Demarchelier.

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