18 October 2009

don't be afraid to show a little... ankle

(Rag & Bone Spring 2010 up top, Michael Bastian Spring 2010 below)

One of the biggest trends of the moment in menswear is showing your ankles. Be it that the your pant is hemmed high enough that we get a peek at the elusive ankle, or your premium denim is rolled up tastefully and smartly so we can catch a glimpse, flaunting the ankle is the look of the moment. It was even in all of the recent runway shows for the Spring 2010 season. Thom Browne, Michael Bastian, Rag&Bone, Phillip Lim, and so many other important menswear designers were showing ankles!

And this isn't just on the runways... I've been spying so many people on the streets of Montreal sporting the look. Everyone from hipster boys to young professionals with their suit pants neatly rolled up and pressed into place.

I absolutely love this trend- it's such an easy way to add a bit of style to even the simplest outfits. It is a great way to show off a pair of contrasting striped socks, or even the lack of socks if you should be so daring. Obviously this trend should only be applied to a straight leg or even skinny pant. So come on boys, roll 'em up!

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