22 October 2009

underwear, under where?

Ladies and gentleman, it's back. Underwear as outerwear. Probably made most famous by Jean Paul Gaultier's infamous underwear-as-outerwear cone bra for Madonna's Blonde Ambition Tour, pictured here.\

The trend is back on the runways, folks.

This corset top from Dior's most recent show is a great example.  Unapologetic sporting of the undies as a normal garment. Love it. And here is my favorite example by far:

This look is from Gaultier's Spring 2010 show. I love the underwear-like structuring of the bust on this ensemble. In fact, I'm pretty sure it's just a couture bra, can we even call that a top? My favorite aspect of this is the deconstructed shoulders. A lot of designers are pushing shoulder pads right now, and this is Gaultier's take on it. In his signature style, he is revealing what lies beneath. Why can't the unadorned shoulder pad be just as fashionable as one sewn into a Balmain or Margiela jacket? I love Gaultier's aesthetic, the deconstructed nature of this look. And on top of all that, the flash of purple coming out from the jacket; the model might be wearing her bra for all to see, but just because she's showing her underwear doesn't mean she still doesn't have some tricks up her sleeve! Just when you think you've got Gaultier figured out, you find another layer to peel back....wonderful!

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