17 October 2009

"plato's atlantis", or "why mcqueen matters"

Alexander McQueen's spring 201o runway show- dubbed 'plato's atlantis'- was incredible; not only were the clothes and styling off the hook, but the actual production of the show was fresh and fashion forward.

For any of you who haven't seen the video, here's the link. I took it straight from McQueen's website... I love the accesibility!

The clothes were insane.... I felt like extraterrestrials had taken over the runway. Except they were all fabulous and had great legs. And the shoes-- totally crazy. Attention all ladies: platform heels are here to stay, run out and buy some NOW!

Not only was this the strongest collection I've seen in a while, but the actual production of the show was completely fashion forward. Two gigantic robot-video-camera-contraptions slid up and down the runway, projecting onto a massive screen. Their focus would vacillate between the models and the audience, blurring the line between art and critic, what is on the stage and what is off the stage.

The most pivotal moment came as the last model (dressed head-to-toe in a fabulous metallic silver ensemble) walked towards the massive screen, and the cameras lined up so as to make the runway seem infinitely long. During these dark days when couture houses are closing up (RIP Christian Lacroix) McQueen doesn't take a negative view or even a pragmatic view as others have been; instead, his last model walked on into the future, into infiinity. For just a moment, McQueen was urging us to keep going and to look forward and see that fashion is so much more than just the finances. We are fashion, we are the future, and we are the ones to wear his fabulous couture out of the economic crisis.

Well done, chap.

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