03 February 2010


Montrel winter is horrible on your shoes. I have been reduced to wearing the same old tattered and salt stained Nikes because I have simply given up on keeping shoes stylish throughout the frigid season. When Spring comes around, I plan on investing in some new pairs of shoes...

Here's what I am thinking of getting...maybe.....

I totally love the oldschool hand-tooled Blucher vibe. Really feeling the throwback aspect of tossing on some of these babies, maybe going Urkel-style and adding a bowtie and suspenders into the mix??  (Mark McNairy New Amsterdam)
And of course, what is the use in going Urkel unless you are going to bring the transformation full-circle and do the sexy-Urkel look (remember when one season Urkel all of the sudden becomes... hot?) I also realized that I need a pair of dressier sneakers (if there is such a thing) These Creative Recs are pretty good, and on sale for 67$ at Barneys right now.... INSANITY.
These blue ones are a lot of fun, these would look great with my light mint green Vineyard Vines shorts and a crisp oxford with rolled up sleeves and nautical belts/bracelets/yougettheidea. A wishywashy pastel dream with a shock of color....  (Florsheim by Duckie Brown) Also, this blue seems rather McQueeny SS2010 to me. I guess this means that this color blue is in this season??? I dunno, ask Pantone.
I also think it's abourt time I hop on the boot-wagon. Frye's are the best, apparently. I've heard so many people rave and rave and rave about how comfy and versatil they are. It's true, just like a leather jacket, it's a great way to dress up or dress down a look, adding a little hardcore chic into the mix. I like these ones with the harness detail.

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