02 February 2010

over the moon

The Armani Prive Haute Couture Spring 2010 was the most beautiful couture collection I have seen in a while, by far my favorite of the season. The collection was inspired by the moon. While I didn't necessarily agree with some of the moon motifs, this dress totally made up for it. I saw this on video and lost my breath, the way it moves on the runway is so elegant and graceful. Looking at this dress move felt like staring up at the moon. And whatever naysayers say fashion can't evoke an emotional response, I challenge you to look at this dress and feel otherwise:

Lady Gaga wore a dress from the collection to the Grammys the other day. So perfect, so Armani, so Gaga, so great. I especially love the starburst she's holding in her hand. It clearly has no function other than an aesthetic one, but it perfectly balances out the dress and completes the look. Oh, and I just want to know how she got in and out of her limo wearing this dress.

Note: her shoes appear to be deyfing gravity...

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