24 January 2010

Golden Globes 2010 Red Carpet-- Who Rocked It, Who... didn't

So it's awards season once again and although it rained cats dogs and small children on the day of the Globes, the fashion was pretty intense. Some people looked great, some weren't too good. I understand it was raining so maybe everyone wasn't on their A game, but that just means that you've gotta work it that much more, and if some people still managed to stop the show then you're just lazy.

Anyways here are some of the looks which stood out most to me.

Come on Sandra, this isn't prom. And that bag is... a mess.

Here's.... that chick from Glee.  A perfect example of a breathtaking dress
ruined by the wearer. Her pose is awkward, a little too

Marion Cotillard who I typically love (remember that fish-scale couture she wore
when she won for Best Actress?? bananas...)
Fell a little flat here. I really like the idea of this dress and the lace slip poking out from the slit
but the fabric is a little heavy-looking and makes her look a little large, to be frank.
First place for almost shutting it down.

And here, the lovely Kate Winslet
in all her glory
Completely shutting it down.
Sometimes less is more, kids. The line of crystals emphasizes her beautiful figure.
I really like the lack of necklace.... would've been too much.
Well done.

Diane Kruger, always one to take risks and rock the couture
Love her, love the dress, but not together.
The hot pink looks gross against the red carpet
and makes Frauline Kruger look a little washed-out.
The dress itself is insane, such good Euro-taste and construction and craftsmanship
I just feel it's a bit complex for an American Red Carpet event.

And, you guessed it. Anna Paquin gets my number 1 pick. Maybe it's the sparkle, maybe it's her,
maybe it's True Blood, maybe its the pose, maybe its the plunging-v.
Everything just meshes nicely.
And she manages to pull off this dress without seeming too sexy, she still has that

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