30 January 2010


The rumors are true, people. Kingston Project will be heading to Paris in April.

So, to prepare myself, I will be doing a series of posts of fashionable places in Paris I intend to visit. Shopping (of course), museums, restaurants, anything and everything where I can soak in the Parisian sun and flex my style muscles.

Up first, the APC Surplus store.

APC, known for it's sharp tailoring, clean aesthetic and Parisian-streetstyle-je-ne-sais-quoi, maintains a surplus outlet in Montmartre in Paris. Everything leftover from last season is for sale at half the retail price, meaning big big discounts for the savvy shopper. So pumped, can't wait to check it out.

It's just a block or two away from the famed church-cum-Paris-kodak-moment-tourist-destination SacreCoeur. Which means after maxing out my visa at APC, at least I'll be able to go beg for forgiveness from the Lord. Sacre bleu!

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