16 April 2010

don't call my name / don't call my name

Lady Gaga is on track to start shooting the music video for Alejandro pretty soon. I've been listening to the record a lot lately, wondering what kind of fashion and images are going to be incorporated into the video. I forsee a lot of rich textures. For some reason I keep having a vision of her wearing this cloud-like puff of black organza? I can't see what kind of garment it is but it definitely is like an Edwardian ruff collar, lots of volume, and totally see-through. My vision was inspired by the artwork for the record:
I know there's no organza here, but something about the record's sound- the throbbing beat with the screechy violin and ace-of-base-esque electronic tones- feels like a more muted color palette, the total opposite of the technicolor Telephone video.

Just a few thoughts. More to come later. I'm really excited to see what Gaga does with the Alejandro video. Aside from "Eh, Eh" it's really her first slow-ER record that is a lot more serious and sentimental then the beat-banging club smashes like Bad Romance or Poker Face. The record has a really different sound, it's definitely going to be a great video.

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