21 March 2010


The first thing I found from this set was the Topshop jersey dress. Something like 68$, pretty darn good. Anytime you have a simple dress with this (but not too simple, of course, note the arm details) it screams, "I am a fresh canvas, encrust me with gems!"

So I went accessory browsing and lost my breath at the sight of this incredible Hermes Haute Joaillerie diamond, twisted silver cuff. It just might be the most incredible bracelet I have ever seen. And with such a loud presence on the wrist, I figured to complement it but not compete with it, just a simple pair of diamond studs in the ear would suffice. None of the necklaces felt right with the cuff, and a pair of diamond studs in the ear make the sort of diamond-connection with the cuff but don't compete with it. Oh, and obviously some Chanel pumps. Duh. I wanted them to have a little character but not too much.

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